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DigiAI Competence Framework

Methodology for ECVET allocation

In the frame of DigiAI project Competence Framework (CF) has been developed. CF describes Learning Outputs (LO) related to the Modules/Units included in the Learning Management System (LMS). Each LO consists of knowledge, skills and competences. Also, ECVET points have been allocated to each Unit. The Competence Framework for pedagogical consultants and youth career consultants includes also critical thinking skills related to modern media literacy and artificial intelligence.

Project leaflet

You can download the Project leaflet from here.

Project YouTube channel with training videos

In the frame of the DigiAI project we created 7 short videos that aim to illustrate each of the module + one video that presents the project as a whole. You can access those videos when going trough the Training Modules or by going to our YouTube channel. All videos have subtitles in partner languages (English, Bulgarian, Czech, Lithuanian and Turkish).

Manual for using the LMS for guided learning

If you are a trainer or career consultant and would like to use the materials during a training, check the Manual for using the LMS for guided learning.