Aims and Results

The project aims and objectives are:

– To improve the digital media literacy of VET teachers, pedagogical consultants in VET schools and career consultants and increase their capacity to exploit the full potential of the new technologies;

– To provide online VET resources including a Learning management system (LMS) with Training Modules, dedicated to the important topics, digital educational videos and other tools that could be used in formal/informal education;

– To provide Competence Framework that could be used by organizations willing to adapt the proposed training materials according to their specific needs.

There are seven training modules, developed and translated into partner languages. Their topics are:

  1. New tendencies in digital media literacy;
  2. Artificial intelligence and structure of the provided information;
  3. The influence of Artificial Intelligence on the labor market;
  4. Fake news, critical thinking and rating the information for career development;
  5. Ability to order goods or services over the Internet;
  6. The violence of information and digital wellbeing;
  7. Career consulting and AI during crises and pandemics

Each module/unit is developed in accordance to the Competence Framework in knowledge-skills-competences (autonomy and responsibility) grid. The framework structure could easily be used for assessing the achievements of learning using ECVET. For each module there is a short digital training video specifically designed to illustrate it.

The Learning Management System (LMS) consists of the seven Training Modules, the seven short digital training videos and many other related resources including self-assessment tests. The LMS could be used primarily for self-study, but it can be used for guided training as well.

Impact envisaged:

-Increased competencies of the target group, related to digital media literacy;

-Increased understanding about new technologies and skills to use them successfully;

-Improved skills in using the open educational resources and LMS related to nowadays digital media literacy, artificial intelligence and youth career development;